Dunajec Rafting – an Unforgettable tour from Krakow to the Dunajec Gorge

If you are looking for a unique way to spend your free time, then the Dunajec Rafting tour organized by “Comfort Tours Cracow” is the perfect option. During this tour, not only will you relax in the lap of nature, but you will also learn interesting stories and facts about the Pieniny region.

Why is it worth going on a Dunajec Rafting tour?

Dunajec Rafting is an ideal proposition for people who want to spend their free time in an extraordinary way. This tour is not only relaxing but also very educational. Our company provides comfortable transport from Krakow to Pieniny, where the Dunajec Rafting tour takes place. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful Pieniny landscapes and learn interesting facts about the history and culture of the region.

What attractions await participants of the Dunajec Rafting tour?

During the Dunajec Rafting tour, you will see many magnificent landscapes, including:

  • Trzy Korony – the highest peak of Pieniny 
  • Zamagurze Spiskie – picturesque hills along with the Dunajec valley 
  • Sokolica – a castle built on a hill that is a symbol of Pieniny 

Moreover, navigating the scenic bends of the Dunajec River is a truly remarkable experience, enriched by the fascinating stories shared by our guide. This will not only keep you entertained, but also deepen appreciation of this exquisite destination.

“Comfort Tours Cracow guarantees a successful Dunajec Rafting tour!”

Our company specializes in organizing tours from Krakow, including the unforgettable Dunajec Rafting tour. Thanks to us, you have the opportunity to relax in the lap of nature, admire beautiful landscapes, and learn about the history of this scenic region.

Dunajec Rafting is an unforgettable experience for every tourist, and Comfort Tours Cracow guarantees that your tour will not only be full of adventures but also safe and comfortable.

By choosing the Dunajec Rafting tour, you don’t have to worry about organization and planning because we will take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy your vacation and relax natural unspoilt scenery.

Dunajec Rafting is not only a great tourist attraction but also an ideal way to relax and break away from everyday life. Comfort Tours Cracow invites you to an unforgettable adventure that will stay in your memory for a long time!

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