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Białka Tatrzańska Termy Zakopane

Białka Tatrzańska Termy Zakopane – Relaxa in purest form

When visiting Zakopane, one should not miss the opportunity to relax in the famous Białka
Tatrzańska Termy. Located just a short distance from Zakopane, the thermal pools are a
perfect destination for those seeking a break from sightseeing and outdoor activities.

What are the Białka Tatrzańska Termy?

Białka Tatrzańska Termy are a modern complex of thermal pools that are fed by thermal
water from deep within the earth. With over 20 different pools of varying sizes and
temperatures, the Białka Tatrzańska Termy offer a unique experience for all visitors.

What can you do there?

The thermal pools are designed to provide relaxation and fun for visitors of all ages. You can
choose from various indoor and outdoor pools, including thermal pools, a wave pool, a lazy
river, and water slides. Additionally, there are saunas and steam rooms, as well as a salt
cave, where visitors can enjoy some therapeutic benefits. The complex also offers
massages and beauty treatments for those who want to indulge in some extra pampering.

Why choose Białka Tatrzańska Termy?

Apart from being an excellent place to relax and unwind, the Białka Tatrzańska Termy offer
several benefits for visitors. The thermal waters used in the pools are known for their
therapeutic properties, making them an ideal destination for those with muscle and joint
problems. Moreover, the facilities are modern, clean, and well-maintained, providing a
comfortable and safe environment for visitors.

Why choose a tour guide for your visit?

While visiting the Białka Tatrzańska Termy is a great experience on its own, choosing a tour
guide can make your visit even more enjoyable. A professional guide can help you navigate
the complex and provide you with useful information about the the place. Additionally, they
can help you avoid the crowds and make the most out of your visit.
In conclusion, Białka Tatrzańska Termy are a must-visit destination for anyone looking to
relax and unwind in Zakopane. With their modern facilities, therapeutic properties, and fun
attractions, they offer something for everyone. So why not choose a tour guide and make the
most out of your visit?

It’s better to book tickets in advance to avoid problems with availability.

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14 pool basins, over 300 meters of water slides in total, geysers, water cannons, Jacuzzi, artificial waves – it all guarantees a great dose of water fun and fantastic relaxation time at Terma Bania. Most importantly, you can enjoy our attractions at any time you want, because all of them are available regardless of the weather and temperature outside.

3 Independent Fun, Relax and Sauna Zones

Countless attractions for children

2400 m2

Total water surface in Terma Bania

A special zone opened during the summer