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How to Discover Your Polish Roots?

Polonia, also known as the Polish diaspora, is a group of people from all around the world who feel a strong connection to their Polish roots. If you are one of them, it’s time for you to
discover or deepen your ties with Poland. Here are some statistics and information from
reliable sources that will inspire you.

Poland – Rich Cultural Heritage

Poland has a rich cultural heritage that dates back hundreds of years. From beautiful castles
and palaces, picturesque cities and villages, to traditional dishes and customs – Poland has a lot to offer to those who want to explore their roots. Whether your family comes from a big city or a small village, Poland offers unforgettable experiences that will help you better understand your origins.

Family Values and Hospitality

Polish culture is infused with family values and hospitality. Family plays an important role in the lives of Poles, and family ties are strong and enduring. From traditional Polish dishes that are often prepared and shared with siblings, parents, and grandparents, to the celebration of family holidays such as Christmas Eve (Wigilia) or Easter – Polish culture emphasizes the importance of family and interpersonal relationships. Moreover, the hospitality of Poles is widely known and appreciated around the world. Visiting Poland can give you the opportunity to experience this hospitality firsthand.

Nature’s Beauty and Diversity

Poland also offers the beauty and diversity of nature. From the Tatra Mountains, which are the
highest mountain ranges in Poland, to the Baltic Sea beaches, Poland has a lot to offer to
nature lovers. You can hike through beautiful forests, see charming lakes and rivers, and
discover unique national parks and nature reserves. It’s a perfect opportunity to fully enjoy the
beauty of Polish nature and discover places that were important to your ancestors.

Contemporary Culture and Achievements

Poland is not only known for its rich historical heritage but also for its dynamic contemporary
culture. Poland is famous for its contributions to the fields of art, literature, music, cinema, and
other cultural domains. Poland also has a developed sector of modern technologies, science,
and innovation. You can explore Poland’s contemporary achievements, discover Polish artists,
writers, scientists, and other creators who have contributed to shaping Polish contemporary
culture and international heritage.

Memories and Emotions

For many people, discovering their Polish roots is not only a journey through geography and
history but also an emotional journey. It can be an opportunity to uncover your family’s history,
hear stories about your ancestors, and see places related to their lives. It can also be an
opportunity to meet distant relatives, establish new friendships, and participate in family
celebrations and traditions. Discovering your Polish roots can be not only a fascinating
experience but also a deeply emotional and fulfilling process.

How to start your adventure of discovering Polish roots?

If you’re from abroad and feel a connection to your Polish roots, there are many ways to start
your journey of exploring Poland. Here are some practical tips:

Research your ancestry

Try to learn as much as possible about your Polish ancestors. Search through family
documents, talk to relatives, look for information in family archives, and record any available
data such as surnames, places of birth, dates, and family stories. You can also use genealogical
services and family researchers to obtain more information.

Use trusted sources

When seeking information about Poland and Polish heritage, make sure to use reliable and
trusted sources. You can refer to official government websites, cultural institutions, museums,
archives, and reputable tourist websites. Avoid information from unknown websites or unverified
sources to ensure that you are discovering authentic and reliable information.

Connect with people

Try to meet with local residents, talk to them, ask about their lives, traditions, and stories. You
may meet distant relatives or other individuals who can share valuable information and stories
related to your roots.

Plan a trip to Poland

If you’re interested in visiting Poland, start planning your trip. You can choose to travel
independently or use the services of a company like Comfort Tours Cracow, which also
organizes trips for people searching for their roots in Poland. Make sure your travel plan
includes places related to your Polish roots, such as ancestral birthplaces, family homes,
cemeteries, or towns associated with their history.

Trace your heritage trail in Poland

Searching for your Polish roots can be not only a fascinating experience but also an
emotionally fulfilling process that will allow you to better understand your family and history.
Embark on a trip to Poland to discover your heritage. You will return home enchanted by
Polish hospitality and your Polish heritage. We encourage you to take on this exciting

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