The Krakow Zoo

From Krakow: Zoo Trip with Transfer

The Krakow Zoo is a medium-sized zoo.
Currently, we exhibit over 1,400 animals, representatives of approximately 270 species. There are a large group of extinct and endangered animals (over 100 species). These include: Rothschild’s giraffe, Przewalski’s horse, pygmy hippopotamus, little panda, snow leopard, Amur tiger, maned wolf, addax antelope, chimpanzee, ruffed and ring-tailed lemurs, Indian elephant, Andean condor, and Humboldt penguin.

The zoo is located in the Wolski Forest – a beautiful forest park, unique in large urban agglomerations. It is a favorite recreation spot for Krakow residents with numerous marked walking trails. Many of them run close to the Zoo, which is often a destination for hiking trips. Bicycle trails and an educational path have been marked in the Wolski Forest. This is a place where there are several historical buildings, including: Independence Mound named after Józef Piłsudski and the monastery and hermitage of the Camaldolese Fathers.



Pickup location:


  • Car

    (30 minutes)main-stop-icon.svg

    Kraków Zoo

    Self-guided tour (2 hours)

  • Car

    (30 minutes)

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  • Meet new species of animals
  • Browse a beautiful place in the heart of Krakow
  • Delight in exploring an open-air area
Full description;
Experience Krakow Zoo, which currently contains more than 1,400 animals and represents about 270 species. You will also discover over 100 groups of animals which are dying and endangered. These include the Rothschild Giraffe, the Przewalski’s Horse, the pygmy hippo, the panda bear, the snow leopard, the Amur Tiger, the maned wolf, the antelope addaks, the chimpanzee, and the Ruffed Lemur. The zoo is located in Wolski Forest, a beautiful forest park which is unique in large urban areas. This area is a favorite vacation spot for inhabitants of Krakow, with numerous marked walking trails. Many of them run near the Zoologischer Garten, which is often the goal of a lot of peoples’ hiking. The Wolski Forest also contains bike trails and educational paths, and is a place with several historic buildings including the Mound of Independence, the Jozef Pilsudski, and the monastery and hermitage OO Camaldolese.

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